Episode 10 Gluten-Free in Milwaukee, WI

In this episode, host Elizabeth Barbone discusses her recent trip to Milwaukee, WI and the gluten-free options available in the area.

Elizabeth also talks about Schar’s Vanilla Creme Cookies and Izze Natural Beverages.

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Show Links

Mount Mary College

Cafe One24

Pizzeria Piccola

Celiac in the City


Molly’s Gluten-Free Bakery

A Gluten-Free Frenzy

Pick ‘N Save

Piggly Wiggly


Sendik’s Market

Schar Vanilla Sandwich Cremes


Elizabeth’s Cookbooks

Easy Gluten-Free Baking

How to Cook Gluten-Free: Over 150 Recipes That Really Work

2 thoughts on “Episode 10 Gluten-Free in Milwaukee, WI

  1. I have eaten there before and had a great experience. I don’t know if they still do, they had the pizza crusts on foil pans during prep and baking. Also I understand that the wood fired ovens have difficulty with many pizzas at once. That’s no excuse because the Bartolotta organization is huge and should have been prepared.
    I was lucky to win the drawing for your cookbook and I am enjoying it.
    I loved the Mint Brownies from Molly’s.

  2. The Mock Rye is great. It was the best mock rye I have tried. With a German background, I really missed rye bread.
    The Gluten-free Frenzy is a wonderful shop. They do have fresh bakery in a case by the counter. You can also get a pizza. You can get coffee and cold beverages. We were coming home from a trip and had to pick up some ingredients in the middle of a snow storm. I called ahead and they had a pizza cooked and ready when we got there.
    My old favorite has been the Gluten-free Trading Company. It was so great to shop and know everything is safe. Then if I see those products at Pick n Save or Sentry usually they are okay. I would still still check them out.

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